I’m Richard Soares, the author of Sunday-Edition.

I’m a freelance software developer with more than 20 years’ professional experience in web development. I specialise in creating tailor-made, web-based systems that can help your business run like clockwork.

I have spent most of my career as a proficient and responsive Web Developer and Designer creating and maintaining innovative digital solutions that are a mix of web-based user interfaces, middle-tier services, and emerging front-end technologies.  I have strong problem-solving skills, and an eagerness to learn.

For the past ten years, as a Senior Web Application Profile Photo or AuthorEngineer, I have been creating multiple digital marketing solutions for my employer using standard toolsets, social media applications (Facebook, Twitter among others) and off-the-shelf or custom content management systems.  I am responsible for web architecture decisions, developing and testing web code and required to maintain a deep understanding of OOP programming in PHP, Relational Databases such as MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and various markup languages as I am flexible between working on front-end and back-end code through Continuous Integration and Feature Based development.  I am by default, in charge of the entire lifecycle of the software application I create.

I consider myself a global full-stack developer having the capability of setting up LAMP stack servers under several Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS among others), with Apache or Nginx Web Servers, MySQL Relational Database, and PHP5, including modules and the likes. I manage code repositories using GIT (or Subversion) with cloud services from Amazon AWS.  RESTful architecture and API design are just a few other benefits of my well-rounded set of skills and real-world experience.

I work with several imperative languages (i.e., Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.), related frameworks or SDKs complementing these languages (i.e., Angular, Laravel, CodeIgnighter, WordPress, Cake, etc.), general web-code markups (i.e.,: XML, HTML5, CSS) and tools for dependency management (i.e.,: Composer, Bower, NPM).

Being the best possible programmer is my primary goal and interest.

My favorite testimonial about me – “Hey Richard, It was nice talking to you. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone like yourself who is so technically savvy but has a personality outside of that; I get a lot of people who only know how to speak to a computer.”

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