Google Design are open-sourcing 750 glyphs as part of the Material Design system icons pack. The system icons contain icons commonly used across different apps, such as icons used for media playback, communication, content editing, connectivity, and so on. They’re equally useful when building for the web, Android or iOS. Check them out:… Read More

As 2015 comes to a close, it seems appropriate to round out a list of the best AngularJS templates that I’ve seen this year. Whether you’re looking to build a dashboard application, a portfolio application, or you are merely looking for a responsive AngularJS template to build your application on, there is sure to be a… Read More

How to tell to AngularJS that a site is a trusted host, You can use $sce.getTrustedResourceUrl() to trust the URL.

You may optionally configure $sceDelegateProvider to white list the URLs. Reference:$sce#getTrustedResourceUrl… Read More