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I’m Richard, the author of Sunday-Edition.

I’ve spent my career focusing on driving business with a hands-on approach that has included a variety of core competencies from software development and architecture to operations management and visual design.
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I am an energetic, thoughtful leader with the ability to engage and motivate people. I comprehend and communicate clearly both at the detail level and the boardroom summary level to both technical audiences and business leaders.

I love accelerating technical teams, mentoring software developers, doing budgeting/planning for new software projects, rescuing stray projects, and help my employer to make smart decisions that pay off.

I have over two decades of experience leading projects, designing customer-facing interfaces, developing back-end applications including database architecture. I have a broad understanding of full-stack web development, operations, and deployment.

I have industry expertise in banking, retail brokerage, healthcare, education, and government market spaces, building SaaS platforms such as:

> Retail Brokerage platforms
> Crypto Currency Wallet platform
> Learning Management platform for Healthcare
> Competency Management System for Higher Education (CMS)
> Experiential Learning Management Systems (ELMS)
> Professional Electronic Portfolios (think, LinkedIn)
> Online B2B for Pharmacy/Healthcare products and services

I have developed a sharp sense of brand and how UX and brand do not merely synergize but are becoming increasingly synonymous in an era where a customer’s only experience with a company may be online.

My passion lies in creating intuitive and easy to use responsive web applications that integrate different technologies and services.

I seek to surround myself with equally passionate people striving to deliver unique, memorable, and lasting user experiences.


Visit my Github site: https://github.com/sonicsleuth

My favorite testimonial – “Hey Richard, It was nice talking to you. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone like yourself who is so technically savvy but has a personality outside of that; I get a lot of people who only know how to speak to a computer.”


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